Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Touring in France

This month's Classic Bike looks at tourers - we ride to the end of the owner's street on a Gold Wing, Laverda RGS, and a BMW to tell you what classic tourer you should buy from one of our wonderful advertisers.

And then we ride to the Coupes Moto Legends in France! Just think, a 1,000 mile ride over a long weekend. And which bike did we ride? Well, not one of our own Bantams obviously: think what all those miles would do to the resale value! Just like you would (if you could) we borrowed someone elses bike, one that we could rely on - after all, we need to be back at work by Tuesday lunchtime. So gasp at our derring-do as we raced across France aboard a Triumph Bonneville. Must have been NOS though, because it was only registered in April. Odd that...

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