Monday, 13 June 2011

How to...start your bike

Starting a classic bike can be tricky: at CB we get round this by riding other people's bikes, but that's not always an option. Just remember there's really only three types of bikes - a BSA Bantam, a Morini 350 and a Norton Commando. Our wives can start the first two, but the Commando...well, let's just say we lucked-out because CB regular Alun S Hippy has just pitched us another Commando story: take it away Alan
Firstly check to see if your Commando has an electric start. If it has there'll be an "ELECTRIC START" sticker on the bike, and a button marked "START" somewhere on the handlebars. If not speak to one of our lovely advertisers who'll buy your bike...
 You should get loads of money - classic values have soared as collectors have piled into the market and boosted our circulation no end! Even better they know bugger-all about bikes so we can run articles like this that take no time to rattle off. Anyway, with all this money buy a cheaper, later Commando with an ELECTRIC START and treat the wife to some Hob Knobs and tea with the change, or whatever it is you people live on
Now this is the tricky part, because no motorcycle battery is ever going to make a Commando's electric strart do anything other than find TDC (don't worry if you don't know what this is - just do what we do and ask Rick Parkingbay): you'll need jump leads and the van you use to drive your bikes to events.
With the jump leads connected push the "START" button and hey-presto: your bike will start!

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