Monday, 13 June 2011

Getting the picture - key to a great magazine

Getting cover shots like these is never easy, but is essential to convince readers we're real bikers with real talent (unlike those overpaid MotoGP whiners; call the British GP tough just because it rained a bit? Man up chaps, at least you've got a brand new bike and a full face helmet! Anyway to snap a shot like this you'll first need to find a bike and a suitable location...

Next you need a photographer, and he'll need a computer and something to eat: we try to combine these to save time better spent in Starbucks with a nice Cappucino or skinny Latte

And of course you need a rider, ideally in a red leather jacket...but he must be able to gurn convincingly because (unlike those racing wimps or overpaid tarts at Bike) we can't hide behind dark visors and body armour

(My god, how I wish we still worked at Bike: all those freebies, the girls, the...oh, well...) 

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